Processed Leather in Turkey in 2025.

“Production of Leather Clothing”

It is considered that Italy, Spain and Portugal, which are among the important producer countries of EU, will decrease their production in the next 15-20 years and lose their effectiveness in this field significantly.

It is estimated that the production of England, Germany and Austria, which are more limited in the industry will decrease greatly in the next 8-10 years. 

Creation of new capacities!

Turkey is one of the countries having the opportunity to fill the gap that will arise due to this decrease in the production of EU countries. Our country should make good use of this opportunity. Although the current production capacity reached in leather clothing is sufficient, there is a need to new capacities in the saddlery and especially in the shoe industry.

In the production of leather apparel, mostly ovine processed leathers are used, and in the production of shoes and saddlery, generally bovine processed leathers are used.

With in the framework of these estimations, depending on the processed leather demand of these industries producing leather products, it is expected that the leather processing capacity will reach 210 million units/year in sheep and ovine raw hides and 450 thousand tons/year in bovine raw hides in 2025. 

“Production of Leather Clothing” 

“ it is estimated that an increase in bovine raw hide processing capacity will be needed”

As a result, although there is no need for significant capacity increases in ovine raw hide processing, it is estimated that an increase in bovine raw hide processing capacity will be needed. 


Processed Leather in Turkey in 2025

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