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ENSARI DERI GIDA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S. fulfills its disclosure policy within the framework of the scope of the Capital Market Legislation, Turkish Commercial Code and other relevant legislation, by observing the generally accepted accounting principles and Corporate Governance Principle for all kinds of required financial information and other explanations and disclosures.

The main purpose of the Ensari Deri ve Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. disclosure policy, updated in accordance with the Capital Markets Board's 'SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES COMMUNIQUE (II-15.1) and regulated in accordance with the Capital Markets legislation, CMB CORPORATE GOVERNANCE COMMUNIQUE (II-17.1). is to ensure that the necessary information and disclosures, outside the scope of trade secrets, are communicated to shareholders and related parties in a timely, simultaneous, accurate, complete, easily understandable, most affordable and accessible manner under equal conditions. The company's disclosure policy is made available for the information of all our stakeholders by ENSARI DERI GIDA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S. via the website www.ensarideri.com 


The monitoring, supervision and development of the disclosure policy established by the Company's Board of Directors for the purpose of enlightening and informing the public is also under the authority and responsibility of the Company's Board of Directors.


The Company's public disclosure policy consists of informing the public within the framework of the principles determined by the CMB and BIST within the scope of the relevant legislation.

Initially, the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) is the platform used to inform the public simultaneously and instantly. In addition, the communication tools mentioned below are used to share financial and operational information about the company, excluding information that is not considered a trade secret or has not yet been disclosed to the public. Additional disclosures can be made with these tools, except for situations that are outside the issues determined by the Legislation, but which can be characterized as significant changes or developments.

- Material event disclosures, periodic financial statements and annual reports;

Shareholders and stakeholders are delivered full, timely, accurate and simultaneous information through the KAP 'Public Disclosure Platform'.

- Investor relations unit;

The Investor Relations unit ENSARI DERI GIDA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S. is the unit that can provide all kinds of information about the company or ensure the communication of information between the parties. The unit reports its activities regularly to the Board of Directors and the Corporate Governance Committee. The Investor Relations unit has been established by authorized and licensed personnel as the unit Corporate Governance Principles are adapted and enforced by the company.

- Official Company website;

The investor relations section of the company's official website, www.ensarideri.com, has been completely revised and all information that investors may need about the company is included, and is equipped with an infrastructure that is accessible via e-mail.

-The Press;

Press releases are made through the printed and visual media if deemed necessary. These disclosures are made by authorized persons determined by the company. Such statements are also published on the company's website.


The official internet address of ENSARI DERI GIDA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., which is offered as the easiest and always accessible tool for shareholders and stakeholders, as well as for the conerned and the public, is used actively and up-to-date for the purpose of information and disclosure. The headings related to the information that can be accessed in the form of related links on the corporate website are mainly:

• Company general information,

• Contact information,

• Sector related information,

• Corporate structure,

• Corporate presentation, vision, mission,

• Information society services

• Utive staff, their resumes

• Trade registry information,

• ISE share information, balance sheet historical data, settlement custody.

• Special case disclosures,

• Corporate governance principles and compliance report,

• Financial and operational data,

• Articles of Association

• IPO circular

• Prospectus,

• Activity reports,

• Financial statements and independent audit reports

• Meeting, conference, general assembly dates, activity calendar,

• Disclosure policy

• Remuneration policy

• Dividend policy

• Corporate governance committee working principles

• Audit committee working principles

• Insider list

• Frequently Asked Questions

In addition, there are addresses and infrastructure that those concerned can contact in writing and verbally on the website, which also includes comprehensive info

The website is available in 2 languages, Turkish and English.


The company's financial statements and footnotes are prepared in accordance with international financial reporting standards and are sent to the Public Disclosure Platform between the specified dates, after being approved by the Board of Directors following the approval of the Audit Committee.

Six-month and twelve-month financial statements are prepared by an Independent Audit Company, other quarterly and 9-month financial statements are prepared by the company. Following the approval of the Board of Directors, the financial statements and accompanying documents are sent electronically to be announced on the Public Disclosure Platform. The material is sent by persons authorized by the company.

The activity reports prepared by the company every three months are also published on the Public Disclosure Platform with the approval of the Board of Directors, following the approval of the Audit Committee and the Corporate Governance Committee, at the same time as the financial statements. The financial statements and activity reports published on the Public Disclosure Platform are published on our company's website following the date of their publication.


News about the company published in the press and media organs are followed. Any news that may affect the investment decisions of the investors and the share value of the company traded in the stock exchange is evaluated by the company and responded to with a material disclosure statement if deemed necessary by the company which is sent to the Public Disclosure Platform to be announced to the public. The Company publishes a material disclosure in response to any issue requested by BIST and CMB, both on the Public Disclosure Platform and on its website.

In case it is desired to announce special circumstances, including future evaluations, to the public through media organs or other communication channels, a statement is made in the Public Disclosure Platform before or simultaneously with this announcement in the event that the aforementioned issues are heard inadvertently at a public meeting.


Future-oriented evaluations are made by the Company, at most four times a year, by the decision of the Board of Directors, or by persons authorized by the Board of Directors or upon the written approval of these individuals. These evaluations can also be made through annual reports announced within the framework of the Board's regulations on financial statements or presentations to inform investors, provided that they are disclosed in the Public Disclosure Platform. When there is a significant change in the evaluations disclosed to the public for the future or a significant difference between the relevant disclosure or previous statements and the realizations, a separate explanation is made with the reasons.


In the event that the special circumstances determined in accordance with the CMB 'SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES COMMUNIQUE (II-15.1)' occur, the relevant material disclosures are sent to the KAP 'Public Disclosure Platform' electronically. The company notifies the material disclosures to KAP with the signatures of the persons identified in the circular of signatures who have the authority to represent and bind the company and have been notified to the KAP directorate. Material disclosure statements are transmitted to the Public Disclosure Platform electronically and subsequently announced to the public on the corporate website.


The company can organize meetings for informational or promotional purposes. These meetings must be open to everyone, transparent and information must be disseminated at the same time. The information required for participation in the meeting is made by using the tools mentioned in the disclosure policy. The presentations and reports announced at the meeting are published on the website and on the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) in such a way that they can be accessed by everyone, upon request.


Persons with administrative responsibility are those who, directly or indirectly, regularly access inside information about the company and have the authority to make administrative decisions that affect the company's future development and commercial objectives. Persons with administrative responsibility are authorized to represent and bind the company are specified in the signature circular. These individuals are made available to the public through the 'insider list' on the company's website.

Measures are taken to protect the confidentiality of inside information learned by those who have access to insider information about the company. At the information meetings held with the participation of company employees and with published circulars, information is given about the definition of inside information and its place in the law. In addition to meetings and notifications, the aim is to protect inside information accessed by the employees with ethical rules and confidentiality agreements and to prevent the use of this information by the relevant people on their own behalf and accounts. The relevant article is also included in the contracts made between the stakeholders and the individuals on the list of insiders and the company. The company notifies the individuals who have access to inside information to the Central Registry Agency and makes the necessary updates when there is a change in these individuals.


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