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The Key to Our Success: Happy Employee = Happy Customer

  • As Ensari Deri Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., we know very well that the first step of customer satisfaction is actually the happiness of our internal customers, that is, our teammates.
  • For this reason, Ensari Deri Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has determined the investment and satisfaction of its employees as its first priority by saying ‘Human First’. For this purpose, we are constantly making investments for the development and satisfaction of our employees, and we sincerely believe that acting together with a team spirit will be reflected in the business results to the same extent.

Being From Ensari;

  • As Ensari Deri Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. we carry out the ion and placement processes in a fair, measurable and equal standard. In addition to the criteria such as education, experience and foreign language knowledge of the required position, we also prioritize the individual competencies of our candidates in the application evaluation processes. We also our valuable colleagues who will the Ensari family with effective, scientific and proven ion and evaluation tools.
  • Ensari Deri Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. 's most important capital in its nearly 30-year journey is the strong human resource it works with, namely its valuable employees.
  • At Ensari Deri Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., we consider all our employees to be a talent and invest in our employees to reveal their skills and constantly improve them, and prioritize systems that will provide opportunities for their development.


  • Human investment is our most important value. Therefore, we invest in them to contribute to the competencies of our employees. The satisfaction of our employees is equivalent to our customer satisfaction.
  • We not only respond to the needs of our customers, but also work to exceed expectations with our solid human resources.
  • It is our indispensable value to be one in all processes, to be together and to move towards the goal together as part of a team. A sense of being a team brings respect and cooperation.
  • We follow the innovations not only in our country but also all over the world and update ourselves. We encourage innovations and make investments that will pave the way for the development of our employees.
  • It is our work ethic to move forward and strive for goals as a team. It is our company culture to reach the goals, achieve them, and support each other for new achievements as we succeed.

For Being From Ensari:

For your applications: ensari@ensarideri.com

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